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Mail is delivered via private letterboxes at post offices because there is no home delivery of mail in the Cayman Islands other than by express service. For effective mail/parcel delivery, there must be a P.O. Box reference included in the address.

At present, there are about 11,000 private letterboxes located at the 15 Post Offices within the Cayman Islands. There are three sizes of Post Office boxes: small, medium and large. Most of these boxes are located outside Post Offices; only at the General Post are some boxes located inside.

Rental Fee

  • Annual rent of a large box (accessible at all times) $250
  • Medium box (accessible at all times) $100
  • Small box (accessible at all times) $75
  • Large box (accessible only during Post Office working hours) $150
  • Small box (accessible only during Post Office working hours) $30
  • Private bag $300
  • The annual rent should be paid in advance and becomes due on the anniversary that the rent was first paid.


One key is issued to the owner of the box and if the key is lost the renter will be responsible for replacing the key at a cost of $30.

The renter of the box should inform the Postmaster General, in writing, who can receive mail at his/her box. In the event that the renter has to leave the island and wishes to transfer the box to a person already listed on the rental agreement, the renter should do so in writing.

The renter of a bag or box should notify the Postmaster General of his/her intention to give up his/her bag or box at least one month before the date of expiry.

A renter should not transfer his/her private bag or private box to any other person.

See Postal Regulations for more information.