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‘Pioneers II’ stamp series featuring Captain Keith P. Tibbetts Sr., MBE, JP (1916-1996), Timothy E. McField MBE, Cert. Hon. (1928-1995), Miss Annie Huldah Bodden, OBE (1908-1989) and Hon. Ormond L. Panton, OBE (1920-1992) was released on Wednesday, 20 May, 2015.

The Cayman Islands Postal Service’s ‘Pioneers’ is a unique stamp series dedicated to honouring persons who have made significant contributions to the development and growth of the islands. Pioneers was originally issued on 11 November 2011 and featured Mrs Almeria Labertha McLaughlin-Tomlinson, Capt. Rayal Brazley Bodden, Miss Irksie Leila Yates and Major Joseph Rodriguez.

The outstanding Caymanians who are being honoured on the second Pioneers stamp issue are:

25˘ Timothy E. McField MBE, Cert. Hon.

left a lasting impression in the educational system in the Cayman Islands by the introduction of sports and other extracurricular activities. He was a Scoutmaster for many years and was awarded the MBE for his contributions to education and the community.

50˘ Miss Annie Huldah Bodden OBE

was known for being the first female law agent and also the first female auditor of the Cayman Islands. She was recognised for her passion for protecting Caymanian Heritage. Miss Annie was the first Caymanian woman to be awarded the OBE.

80˘ Honourable Ormond L. Panton OBE

is remembered for being the Islands’ first elected party leader and also the first Caymanian lawyer to appear before the Privy Council in London. He was designated a National Hero in 2011.

$1 Capt. Keith P. Tibbetts Sr. MBE, JP

is remembered for acts of bravery during the 1932 hurricane. He was recognised for his talent in carpentry after building three ships and has a sunken Russian warship named in his honour.

A third issue of ‘Pioneers’ is planned and the public is again being asked to nominate persons to be featured. Nominations should be submitted with biographies and several photos of the person and may be handed in at any post office or emailed to