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2009 Stock List

Equality Through Democracy
The Cayman Islands Postal Service commemorated the 50th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and the Cayman Islands Constitution by issuing a set of stamps titled Equality through Democracy.
There are three stamps in the series: one of two 25¢ denominations is entitled Women struggle for the right to vote. 25¢, the second stamp also with a face value of bears the legend Golden anniversary of Cayman Islands Constitution. Final, stamp 50¢carries the simple title, A woman’s vote.

Christmas Stamp Issue Revives an Old Favourite
The Cayman Islands Postal Service’s Christmas stamps released on 22 October are an old issue with a new twist.
The four-stamp series is based on a 1997 issue titled, ‘Santa’s Cayman Christmas’. While the images remain the same on the stamps, the values of the stamps have been changed from the original to reflect present denominations of 25¢, 75¢, 80¢ and $1.

Cayman Islands Scenes Part II
Cayman Islands Scenes Part II takes a keen look at some of the unique features of the islands, while continuing to feature their physical landscape.
There are six stamps in the issue -- 20", 25", 75", 80", $1, $1.50, a First Day Cover and a Souvenir sheet. Please contact Philatelic Manager Karen McField 946-4757 or e-mail for more information.