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Cayman Islands Postal Service’s first stamps of 2007 are well worth the wait. The new series, titled “Cayman Islands Scenes”, consists of photographs by some of the Islands’ best-known photographers – Patrick Broderick, Courtney Platt and Gary White.

There are seven images, depicting Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, the East End blowholes, the harbour front, Poinciana blooms and relaxing sunsets, in this collection. The denominations are 20¢, 25c, 30¢ 40¢, 75¢ and $1. There will also be a first day cover and three postcards.

Cayman Scenes will be released 26 June. Another new stamp issue, the Centenary of Scouting, is scheduled to be released 9 July.

  • 20˘ Brac Reef dock

    The dock at Brac Reef Beach Resort is a wonderful vantage point from which to enjoy dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea or spectacular sunsets on the water. It is one of the islands' grandest wooden constructions over the water. Photo: Courtesy of

  • 25˘ Waterfront

    There is a magic moment at dusk when the fading blue sky balances exquisitely with street lights and catches mysterious streaks of light, as seen in this lovely image. The waterfront buildings in Hog Sty Bay are the hub of souvenir shopping in George Town, Grand Cayman. Photo: Courtesy of

  • 30˘ East End blowholes

    Children enjoy one of Grand Cayman’s natural wonders – the blowholes along the iron-shore coastline in East End. Photo: Courtesy Department of Tourism.

  • 40˘ Relaxing at sunset

    You can almost hear a sigh of relief as you look at the silhouetted figure relaxing in a hammock on one of the Cayman Islands’ beaches. Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Broderick.

  • 75˘ Poinciana blooms

    Every spring the islands' beauty is enhanced further by the crimson blossoms of Poinciana Trees. Here a yoga enthusiast takes advantage of the serene setting in a churchyard on Grand Cayman. Photo: Courtesy of

  • $1 Little Cayman driftwood

    The contrast between the driftwood and the Caribbean Sea highlights the breathtaking hues of the water surrounding Little Cayman and showcases the island’s natural beauty. Little Cayman is home to the some of the country’s best dive sites and also offers spectacular snorkelling and fishing. Photo: Courtesy Department of Tourism

First Day Cover

This unique photo provides a 180-degree panoramic view of a strip of Seven Mile Beach. The blend of colours from the sky and sea is one of the reasons that the Cayman Islands is a popular tourist destination. Photo: Courtesy of Gary White

First Day Cover