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The Cayman Islands Postal Service has added two more stamps that are guaranteed to wow collectors. The Cayman Islands Birds Definitive features 12 stamps of the birds that call these islands home. This series was adapted from the 1995 book Birds of the Cayman Islands by Patricia E. Bradley and Yves-Jacques Rey-Millet. Definitive stamps stay in circulation for five years.

This series also comes with three First Day Covers: Yucatan Vireo, Cayman Brac Parrot and Barn Owl.

The denominations are:

  • Bananaquit 25 Coereba flaveola sharpei

  • Vitelline Warbler 50 Dendroica vitellina vitellina

  • Grand Cayman Parrot 75 Amazona leucocephala caymanensis

  • Caribbean Dove 80 Leptotila jamaicensis collaris

  • Caribbean Elaenia $1 Elaenia martinica caymanensis

  • West Indian Woodpecker $1.50 Melanerpes superciliaris caymanensis

  • Thick-billed Vireo $1.60 Vireo crassirostris alleni

  • Northern Flicker $2 Colasptels aauratnus gudndlachs

  • Cuban Bullfinch $4 Melopyrrha nigra taylori

  • Western Spindalis $5 Spindalis zena salvini

  • Loggerhead Kingbird $10 Tyrannus caudifasciatus caymanensis

  • Red-legged Thrush $20 Turdus plumbeus coryi