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General Information about Stamps and Services

Stamps are sold at face value in mint condition by personal purchase from the stamp counters at Cayman Islands post offices or by post from the Philatelic Bureau. All stamps are printed on watermarked paper. Although the Philatelic Bureau makes every effort to meet customer requirements, there is no guarantee to supply from particular cylinder plates or sheet positions, or to supply cylinder blocks or selected watermarks.

The Cayman Islands Postal Service issues commemorative stamps four to six times a year to mark important national, regional or international events. The stamps are usually printed in sheets of 50, sometimes in sheetlets of six or more. Commemoratives are normally withdrawn from counter sales 18 months after the date of issue but remain available at the Philatelic Bureau. 

Definitive Stamps remain on sale for five years and are available to cover all postage requirements. The stamps are printed in sheets of 50. The current issue features Birds of the Cayman Islands and was  released on 26 September, 2006.

Unique species of bats, parrots and orchids make Cayman their home, so thematic stamps frequently illustrate the Islandsí flora and fauna, including the colourful marine life. Thematic issues also feature things Caymanian, like catboats, the Bracís Bluff and Cayman Airways.