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Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Express Mail Service (EMS) is designed to give the customer fast, efficient and reliable yet fully documented service to over 140 countries. EMS is not an overnight service so if your packages has to reach its destination overnight, then EMS is not for you. EMS can be purchased from any District Post Office on Grand Cayman during working hours (see opening hours) and from the General Post Office between 8:15 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. To order envelopes and labels and to have them delivered please call 345-945-6777.

The Cayman Islands Post Office Express Mail Service team received a gold-level certificate from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in recognition of its high level of service.

How EMS Operates

The orange and blue striped marking is internationally recognised and is therefore given preference by airline and postal administrations. The closing times for EMS items can be obtained by calling 345-949-6777 or 345-945-6875. Please remember to inquire at District Post Offices for their collection times.


This service is widely used for the Caribbean and the USA. If your package has to reach its destination overnight, then EMS is not for you.

Pickup Service

This service is limited to corporate businesses, government departments and residents in the George Town and Seven Mile Beach area. Simply call the Airport Post Office 345-945-6875 or EMS direct line 345-949-6777 to arrange a pickup.

Maximum Weight

One ounce to 22 pounds, depending on the destination.

Track and Trace

Airport Post Office EMS staff can track and trace your packages in-house.

Expected Delivery Times

Caribbean, 3 days; USA and Canada, three to four days; Europe, five ore more days; all other destinations, 5 plus days. Please be advised that some items are transited (held by customs) and this will affect delivery times by at least a day.


Limited liability of $100 per item for loss or damage is available. However, the value must have been declared on the slip. Claimants are awarded the sum only after a thorough investigation is completed.


Express Mail does not transport cash, dangerous goods, hazardous materials or any articles restricted by the country of destination.

All shipments must include addressee’s complete address, postcode, if any, and phone number.

Delivery is also available to post office boxes.

To avoid any inconvenience, all items being sent for repair or replacement should be declared to the postal clerk before being sent abroad.

All non-documents (dutiable items) must be accompanied by a Commercial Invoice. These items are liable to customs clearance on arrival at the country of destination. This may also affect the transit time of the item.