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  • At Cayman Islands Postal Service we like you to be able to keep in touch with family, friends, long distance relatives or those just down the road. We want to make it easy for you to send mail the way you want to. If it's letters and postcards you can find the right address and posting times, or if it's packages you can work out how much they'll cost to send.
  • Local
  • Local mail posted on Grand Cayman by 3 PM Monday to Friday will be delivered to any Grand Cayman postal destination within 2 working days. Mail posted in Cayman Brac & Little Cayman by 3 PM Monday to Friday will be delivered to any Cayman Islands postal destination within two days. But this may be influenced by factors affecting air travel.

  • Registered Mail
  • This service offered to customers who require proof of mailing and/or proof of delivery.

  • Parcel Post
  • This service provides economical delivery at moderate speed for parcels to international destinations.

  • Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • Express Mail Service (EMS) is designed to give the customer fast, efficient and reliable yet fully documented service to over 140 countries. EMS is not an overnight service so if your packages have to reach its destination overnight, then EMS is not for you.

  • Postage Rates
  • If you’re sending an item abroad by airmail you’ll need to know the right postage, and that depends on the zone of the destination country.

  • Prohibited items
  • List of Prohibited items - 1995 Revision of Postal Regulations (section 27) for more prohibited items see the Customs Law.

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