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The RPost® Registered E-mail® service is designed to drastically reduce your courier bills while expediting delivery, saving administrative time, and enhancing your productivity.

Now you can use e-mail in place of costly overnight delivery services for even your most official, sensitive, or confidential documents. With one click of a button, the RPost Registered E-mail service provides you with a legally verifiable record of precisely what e-mail content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when.

Consider RPost as a trusted courier service for electronic communications. It offers the same level of assurance, security, tracking, and proof of delivery that you are accustomed to from your traditional physical vendors, but with several extra advantages that traditional vendors cannot compete with:

  • Low price: The price of one Registered E-mail message is comparable to the price of a postage stamp.
  • Speed: RPost leverages the immediacy of e-mail and delivers your documents in minutes instead of days. You will receive notification of message delivery status typically within six hours.
  • Simplicity: RPost offers one flat rate and one service level no matter how far away the document is going or how fast it needs to get there.
  • Time savings: Since Registered E-mail messages are sent from your desktop, there is no need to print documents and stuff envelopes, leave the office or call to arrange pickup.
  • Proof of content: RPost technology minimizes disputes and repudiation by enabling you to prove and authenticate what was actually “in the envelope”.