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Unlike the common 'read receipt', the Registered E-mail® services provide legal and verifiable evidence of the content and time any e-mail was sent and received by anyone, anywhere in the world. The service is designed to protect the sender in those instances where the delivery, content or time of an e-mail are disputed, in addition to enhancing efficiency and cost-savings. Think of it as a tool that can save you time, money, and headaches!

RPost provides a Registered Receipt™ e-mail that gives the sender verifiable proof of:

  • Delivery
  • Content of e-mails and attachments
  • Uniform time sent and received (atomic clock time stamp)

RPost service does not:

  • Require any recipient action or special software
  • Store your e-mail content or information

Things to consider about traditional E-mail:

  • 3% of non-bulk, business-to-business Internet e-mail goes undelivered to its intended recipient. – Ferris Research
  • 24% of organizations have had employee e-mail subpoenaed - American Management Association
  • 15% of companies have gone to court to battle lawsuits triggered by employee e-mail - American Management Assoc.
  • Archives show half the picture -- what was sent, not what was or was NOT received.
  • Printed e-mails or e-mails in a "Sent" folder are not a verifiable record.
  • Changing e-mail records can be as simple as editing the message and saving – just 2 mouse-clicks!
  • The recipient can opt not to return a "read receipt" and only work with certain e-mail programs.
  • Because e-mail is not always delivered, the “I didn’t get that e-mail” excuse is often used to avoid responsibility.
  • Having evidence that has greater weight – is valuable in any dispute resolution situation…in or out of court.