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Going to be off the island for a while? Unable to pick up your mail and parcels for some other reason? The Cayman Islands Post Office has a mail-holding service that can help you.

Called SafeMail, the service is provided for up to three months at a time at all post offices. With SafeMail, the customer's post box is cleared at regular intervals by Post Office staff and mail is held for safekeeping until their return.

Fourteen days' prior notice must be given when requesting the service. A minimal fee is charged, depending on the length of service required.

How to Pay

  • Up to two weeks, the charge is $6
  • Up to four weeks, $10
  • Up to eight weeks, $20
  • Up to 12 weeks, $36

If you need the service for a longer period, you can request it again.

This service will help prevent two things: the pile-up of mail in post boxes and the return of uncollected mail to the senders. Remember, under postal regulations, the Postmaster General can return mail after 30 days if mail has not been cleared from your post box. Make sure you protect your mail . . . Request SafeMail and relax.

Payment should be by local cheque to the Cayman Islands Government, postal money order or bank draft made payable to the Cayman Islands Post Office or Cayman Islands Government and should be sent with the completed application form to the post office where your box is located.