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In the Cayman Islands mail is delivered via private letterboxes at post offices. If you're receiving mail, we try to ensure that it gets to your post office box in a timely manner. Mail is delivered four times a day to the General (George Town) and Seven Mile Post Offices and twice a day to the eastern districts Post Offices, West Bay, Hell and the Sister Islands twice a day.

During the soft curfew in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, letter mail including Registered Letters, is being delivered to the addressee's post office box. Since the closure of the airports in the Cayman Islands in March 2020, international mail has not arrived. Much of this mail is being held by the sending postal administration. As of 27 April 2020, efforts to identify transport for this mail are underway and it is expected that international mail will resume in early May. There will be significant delays.

  • Box Rental
  • Mail is delivered via private letterboxes at post offices. For effective mail/parcel delivery, there must be a P.O. Box reference included in the address.

  • SafeMail
  • The Cayman Islands Post Office has a mail-holding service that can help you. Called SafeMail, the service is provided for up to three months at a time at all post offices.

  • Redirection
  • When you move - home or business, use our Redirection Service to make sure your mail follows you.