Flood of Undeliverable Mail at PO

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Published 27th April 2004, 1:33pm

Mounds of mail with incorrect addresses are being sent to Postal Services and the department informs the public that as of 31 May, all undeliverable items will be returned to senders.

“We’ve been receiving large quantities of mail that is undeliverable. The main problem is that it’s being sent with street and building addresses rather than PO Box numbers,” explains Deputy Postmaster General Anthony Williams. He adds that much of the mail is for companies and that these businesses need to inform their clients that in the Cayman Islands, street addresses are not used to deliver mail. A PO Box must be present in the address with the proper suffix E.g. P. O. Box 000 GT. If the post box number and suffix is not included in the address, the item is considered undeliverable.

“Receiving improperly addressed mail slows down its processing and it will take an extra long time for such mail to reach its intended recipient because staff then have to try to locate a post box number. Obviously if such mail has to be returned to the sender that has its own negative impact,” continues Mr. Williams. He adds that local addressees should also advise their overseas clients not to include "George Town" or "BWI" in their addresses to Cayman as these are no longer used and can cause mail to be sent to the wrong countries.

Postal Services thank the public for their cooperation in this matter.