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Published 6th November 2003, 2:2pm

Postal Services customers should be on the lookout for a customer survey printed on yellow, blue, pink or green paper in their post office boxes this week.

The survey is being issued by the department in an effort to assist with their ongoing improvement process. “Surveys will be placed in all post boxes across the Cayman Islands by Friday, 7 November and we're asking for them to be returned to us by Friday, 21 November,” explains Acting Postmaster General, Sheena Glasgow. Once completed, surveys should be dropped into any post office mail drop or given to a staff member.

“The survey is completely confidential and does not require any personal information. It doesn’t take long to complete and the benefits will far outweigh the effort,” continues Ms Glasgow. “This is a chance for our customers to let us know how we’re doing and the adjustments we make to the services currently offered will reflect the feedback provided by the survey,” she concludes.

Deputy Postmaster General, Anthony Williams concurs. “Surveys of this type can provide a win-win situation for both sides but they have to be filled out and returned on time for this to happen.”

Mr. Williams encourages all customers to speak out and take advantage of this opportunity. He also notes that the department will publish the survey results for the public to examine.