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Previous Years

Flood of Undeliverable Mail at PO
Mounds of mail with incorrect addresses are being sent to Postal Services and the department informs the public that as of 31 May, all undeliverable items will be returned to senders. 27th April 2004, 1:33pm
Local Artists Asked to Submit Work for Stamps!
Postal Services is accepting submissions of artwork from Caymanian artists for possible use in a special Easter stamp issue. 3rd December 2003, 1:39pm
Sending Food to the US
All food shipments to the United States must be preceded by prior notice of shipment effective 12 December 2003 reports the Cayman Islands Postal Services on behalf of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 25th November 2003, 1:49pm
Did You Get One?
Postal Services customers should be on the lookout for a customer survey printed on yellow, blue, pink or green paper in their post office boxes this week. 6th November 2003, 2:02pm
Training Seminars for PO Staff
Post office staff on Grand Cayman are attending training seminars, one Saturday each month aimed at streamlining postal operations, reports Acting Postmaster General, Sheena Glasgow. 30th October 2003, 1:57pm
2003 Caribbean Postal Union Conference Concludes
The 7th Caribbean Postal Union (CPU) Conference, hosted by the Cayman Islands Government concluded today, 27 June. 27th June 2003, 2:12pm
2003 Caribbean Postal Union Conference
The 2003 Caribbean Postal Union Conference to be Held in Grand Cayman. 13th June 2003, 9:21am
Mail from UK and US Arrived
Mail from the United Kingdom dating back to 11 April and mail from the United States dating back to 24 April has arrived in Grand Cayman and postal staff are working diligently to sort it. 7th May 2003, 9:23am
Regional Advisor for UPU Visits Cayman
Regional Advisor for the Universal Postal Union, Herbert Niles recently met with Acting Postmaster General, Sheena Glasgow to discuss a postal services plan for Cayman. 12th February 2003, 9:32am
Sheena Glasgow is Acting Postmaster General
Ms. Sheena Glasgow has been appointed as acting postmaster general for the Cayman Islands Government. 24th January 2003, 10:08am
50th Anniversary of Aviation
The Postal Services Help Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Aviation. 12th November 2002, 10:15am
Anthrax Update
Thirty-six items had been tested locally for anthrax as of Monday, 19 November, with all results negative, according to the Public Health Services. 19th November 2001, 1:28pm
Local Mail Tests Negative for Anthrax
As of Nov. 7, all local mail checked by health officials for anthrax has tested negative for the dangerous spores, according to the Public Health Services. 7th November 2001, 1:19pm
Health Advisory on Handling Biological Agent Threats
Public Health, Postal Services and the RCIP respond to public concern in the wake of the U.S. anthrax cases by providing guidelines for handling such incidents should they arise in the Cayman Islands. 26th October 2001, 12:56pm
More Mail Dispatched
Mail items for Europe, Asia, Africa and the Bahamas have been sent via British Airways. 26th September 2001, 12:23pm