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Published 28th May 2020, 10:7am

The CIPS has received complaints of packages received in April 2020 being held.

The CIPS did not receive any incoming international mail in April 2020, but has recently been made aware that some senders (i.e. Fashion Nova) who normally send items via the Postal Service, used DHL instead in April 2020.

Customers are advised to review emails from the sender for shipping and tracking information. Postal tracking numbers always have 2 letters, 9 numbers and then 2 letters (i.e. CY123456789US).

If email correspondence include a reference to a courier (i.e. DHL 7638000000) this indicate that the item is being imported via a courier (i.e. DHL) and customers should contact the courier listed for further information on the status of the item.

The CIPS does not use a "GATEWAY HOLD" tracking event. If this event appears in the tracking history it may suggests that a courier is awaiting submission of an invoice.