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Published 1st May 2009, 12:59pm

The George Town Girls Brigade enthusiastically delved into a stamp lesson provided by the Cayman Islands Postal Service (CIPS) recently at Elmslie United Church.

The group of 55 Girl Brigadiers, ranging in age from eight to 17 years, received 35 stamps kits to build on their stamp collecting hobby. The stamps kits are equipped with an album, 200 new stamps, tweezers, and a magnifying glass. The kits are sponsored by Butterfield Bank, the Water Authority Cayman Islands, LIME and the Postal Service. They are part of the Stamp Camp programme, which is a CIPS youth philatelic programme.

CIPS class instructors Ivan Burges and CIP's Philatelic Manager, Karen McField gave practical instructions on how to soak used stamps and where to get stamps for their collections. They also gave a brief history of stamps and why stamps are collected and cancelled.

"People collect stamps for many different reasons. Some like to learn about the designs. Others like to try to get all the stamps of one country. But most of all, stamp collectors have fun with their stamps because no collection is ever complete, so there is always a challenge," said Philatelic Manager, Karen McField.

"Stamps are one way of sharing an interest with other people -- your friends, a parent or perhaps a neighbor," she added.

Acting Captain for George Town Girls Brigade, Joan (June) McField was pleased with the level of interest her group showed.

"The children took it in and were happy to learn more about the subject. They older girls will be taking stamp collecting as one of their subjects for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme," she explained.

Mrs. Karen McField encouraged companies to assist the Postal Service or any of the groups involved in stamp collecting. "Companies can assist us by providing the Postal Service with their used stamps. We need stamps to give to these youngsters and this would be an inexpensive way to help," she said.

So far the Cayman Islands Postal Service's Stamp Camp groups extend to Savannah Primary, Savannah and George Town Girls Brigade and West End Primary.

Any organisation or school that would like the Cayman Islands Postal Service to get them started with stamp collecting may call Assistant Postmaster General Tara Bush at 814-6506 for more information.