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Stamp issue showcases Cayman scenes

Published 1st May 2009, 11:54am

A new stamp issue - Cayman Islands Scenes Part II - to be released 9 April, continues to feature the physical landscape while taking a keen look at some unique local aspects of the Islands.

For instance, the $1 stamp features a signpost giving directions to the districts - but it also depicts a wild chicken in the background which also appears to be seeking directions. Of course, chickens are also a common sight in Cayman.

"This new issue illustrates some of the more humorous and interesting aspects of Caymanian life, rather than simply focusing on breathtaking beach scenes," said Postmaster General, Sheena Glasgow.

The issue comprises six stamps: 20, 25, 75, 80, $1, and $1.50, in addition to a First Day Cover and a souvenir sheet.

Featured on the souvenir sheet is yet another example of the shift in focus for it features a photo illustration of a 'give way' sign on Little Cayman, the only one in the three islands that accords iguanas the right of way on a road. Another stunning stamp is the 25 denomination which portrays the McCoy Villa and its traditional architecture.

Naturally there is a beach scene, one that is depicted on the 75 stamp, entitled, "Serenity". In turn the 20 stamp, "Island Living", features a dazzling sunset, while the 80 value, "Looking Beyond the Horizon", captures the different hues found in the seas surrounding Cayman. Finally, the $1.50 stamp carries a photograph of the ironshore at Hell, which collectors have long requested.

"I must thank the photographers involved, Sheree Ebanks, Randy Ebanks, Rebecca Hinkley Ian Dawson James and Tara Bush. Their stunning photography is what has made this stamp issue possible. The Postal Service counts on photographers to provide us with their images and we are most grateful for their support," Ms Glasgow said.

Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, the Hon. Arden McLean, JP, also expressed his thanks to the contributing photographers and added: "These stamps showcase the side of Cayman that we have all come to know and love, and that so many tourists journey here to experience. I'm sure they'll hold a unique position in any philatelist's collection."

For more information, contact Philatelic Manager Karen McField on 946-4757, or view the collection on line at