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Published 1st May 2009, 12:4pm

The Christmas 2008 stamps, titled Santa's Unique Transportation, proved to be very popular amongst local residents and collectors, so much so that the over-the-counter stock sold out before Christmas.

The Cayman Islands Postal Service advises, however, that collectors who missed the issue have a chance to get their mint sets and first-day covers of the popular issue, as there is a small number left in the philatelic stock.

The stamps featured Santa Claus using different modes of transportation available to him in the Cayman Islands - The Jolly Roger, Cayman horse and buggy, helicopter, and a Winston Cup race car, which is sponsored locally. The first-day cover showed Santa on the Cayman Brac Atlantis submarine, being pulled underwater by turtles.

"This issue really appealed to collectors," said stamp collector Ivan Burges, who also is a member of the Cayman Islands Stamp Advisory Committee (SAC). "There were four stamps with distinctive themes - the different types of transportation, in addition to Christmas. Therefore, these stamps automatically appealed to five categories of persons who collect thematic stamps."

So will the selling out of these stamps make them valuable?

"Not for the moment," Mr. Burges said, "but perhaps over time, and if collectors keep them in optimal condition - such as maintaining them in an air-conditioned environment, and a minimum amount of sunlight."

Postmaster General and SAC Chair Sheena Glasgow said she was pleased that the stamps proved so popular.

"Christmas is a fun time of the year and Santa is a very big part of it," she noted. "Showing Santa on the Jolly Roger, helicopter and submarine, which are all familiar to residents, clearly worked. I think this series underlines that good subject matter, good design and fun elements will be a success.

"The Christmas stamps were eye-catching, and the strong local connection made them all the more appealing," Ms Glasgow added. "People were keen to use them on their Christmas mail."

She thanked the public for the overwhelming support of the Christmas stamps, and the SAC members for putting together such a delightful and attractive issue. "I also thank the subcommittee, which is responsible for setting the denomination and quantities for each stamp issue, for their hard work," she said.

Persons who wish to purchase 2008 Christmas Stamps stamp sets or first-day covers may do so either at the Philatelic Bureau in Seven Mile Beach, or at the philatelic counter at the General Post Office. Contact Philatelic Manager Karen McField at 946-4657 for more information.