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This new post office will provide better access to postal services than the present facility can deliver

Sheena Glasgow - Postmaster General

Published 18th May 2007, 10:15am

Construction on the new Savannah Post Office is expected to commence early next month and to be completed in January 2008.

The 4,000 sq. ft. building, which will be located between Savannah Primary and Countryside Shopping Village, will help to accommodate the population growth in Savannah, said Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow.

"This new post office will provide better access to postal services than the present facility can deliver," she acknowledged.

The Ministry of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Postal Service, awarded the $800,000 contract to Island Builders in May 2007.

A total of 2,300 boxes will be added, bringing the total boxes available to over 2,700. But that is not the only improvement. An Internet station, and a kiosk that will allow customers to package their own parcels before mailing them, will also be added.

"The building will be the most up-to-date for postal operations and customer service," Ms Glasgow said. "It also will be the secondary site for overseas mail dispatching, in the event we are not able to dispatch from the Airport Post Office."

Another improvement concerns the way post office boxes are incorporated into the building. Public Works Department architect Dubadah Boldeau explained that past post office designs, which placed letter boxes on the outside of the building, allowed air-conditioning to escape. This makes the buildings inefficient in terms of energy consumption.

"We have overcome this problem by placing the letter boxes inside the building," she said.

"The Postal Service wanted a signature design that that the public, particularly tourists, could easily identify," Ms Boldeau added. "Accordingly, the design for the Savannah Post Office will reflect Caymanian architecture, and also its maritime history. For example, the building's curved-glass face represents a boat, and the zigzag walls, the sails."

Ms Glasgow also wanted to ensure that the design allowed for more personalised service. "We have designed this post office with ease of access in mind. For example, there will be no glass between the customer and postal employee. This will enable our customers and staff to connect on a more personal level," she said.

The Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, the Hon. Arden McLean, JP, noted that Savannah is one of Cayman's fastest-growing communities. "We want to do everything we can to ensure that the Postal Service accommodates this growth. Therefore, a lot of thought and consideration has gone into this facility."

Savannah's Postal History

The present Savannah Post Office was officially opened on 1 June 1960, with limited services. Twenty-five boxes were added in 1975; over the years, boxes were added to bring the total up to 404. The post office's current district manager is Yorsy Morales.