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Cable and Wirelessí Kennedy McGowan worked with postal worker Marina Dawkins during one of the training session.

Post offices are a vital lifeline for many people...

Hon. Arden McLean

Published 6th March 2007, 1:26pm

Cayman Islands Postal Service's relationship with Cable & Wireless continues to blossom with new value-added services.

Customers will now be able to purchase phones, pay their bills and top up their cell phones at most Grand Cayman post offices.

While bill payment and E-topUp are not new services, at least to the district post offices, customers can now pay their monthly phone bills at the Airport and Seven Mile Beach post offices. What is new is prepaid cell-phone activations. This new feature provides postal and Cable & Wireless customers the opportunity to purchase a pay-as-you-go phone at Bodden Town and West Bay, and eventually this service will be phased in to all district post offices.

The same services will be offered in the Sister Islands as soon as training and logistics can be worked out. Customers on the Brac and Little Cayman can already top up their cell phones.

"We are taking our level of service up another level by offering our customers the convenience of paying their bills, purchasing phones and topping up cell phones. We are hoping that over the course of the next year customers will see the post office as a one-stop bill payment centre," said Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow.

"This has been a massive undertaking by the Postal Service, Cable & Wireless and GEL Wholesale. Each company has worked on this project for the past eight months to give its customers the ultimate service, and we hope our customers will take advantage of it," she added.

Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure the Hon. Arden McLean said he was pleased with the progress. "Post offices are a vital lifeline for many people, particularly those in the outer districts. The launch of this service will allow citizens to take care of most of their utility bill paying needs in one trip. Customers can pay their CUC, Cable & Wireless and, in the very near future, Water Authority bills."

Ken Guiste, VP Sales & Customer Service, Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd, said, "Our goal is to provide our customers with convenient and exemplary service. This partnership allows the community, including our customers, to access additional locations where they can acquire Cable & Wireless's services, and makes it easy to top up, pay bills and purchase bMobile phone activations. We are very pleased with the way our relationship with the Post Office has grown as we continue to expand our products and services throughout the Cayman Islands."