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Cayman Islands Postal Service Deputy Postmaster General Anthony Williams (front) and Joshua Rivers (far right) work with Jamaica Post staff.

Published 5th December 2007, 4:18pm

Two members of the Cayman Islands Postal Service “Gold Level” rated Express Mail Service (EMS) team recently facilitated a three-day training seminar for 30 staff members of the Jamaica postal service.

Deputy Postmaster General Operations Anthony Williams and EMS Services Administrator Joshua Rivers facilitated training in the areas of receiving and inward dispatching of international parcels, EMS mail and registered mail, as well as that of outward dispatching of international mail. The training mission also included introduction to software – the “Rugby System” and “IPS Light” – that assists with tracking, tracing and research investigations of EMS items and parcels.

“I believe Jamaica will benefit greatly from the training,” Mr. Williams said. “Workshop participants were keen and quick to learn, so I am sure that with this training and the necessary practice, Jamaica Post will improve its day-to-day operations,” he said, adding: “We left them with a number of recommendations which their Postmaster General plans on implementing.”

Jamaica Postmaster General Michael Gentles said that his staff members, “without exception, were extremely impressed with the training exercise conducted by Messrs. Williams and Rivers,” adding: “The new insights and methodologies imparted have already gone a far way towards improving both our mail processing and customer service standards. In fact, it is our expectation that, especially for Express Mail, a significant improvement in our delivery and reporting standards will be achieved in a short time.”

Commenting on the opportunity to share expertise with Jamaica Post, Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said: “We were pleased to provide assistance. Helping Jamaica Post improve its service will also benefit customers in the Cayman Islands who send mail to Jamaica. The Cayman Islands Postal Service has expertise in this area, and Mr. Williams is well respected in the region for his knowledge of postal operations.”