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Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow (right front) and Deputy Postmaster General Ann James discuss the postcode with staff at Brac Power and Light.

Published 30th August 2006, 3:33pm

The Cayman Islands Postal Service (CIPS) is helping various businesses on Cayman Brac update their address databases.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow, Deputy PMG for Finance and Human Resources Ann James, and Tara Bush, Assistant PMG for Marketing and New Product Development, visited the Brac on Wednesday and Thursday (23-24 August) to discuss the new postcode and how to properly address mail.

During the meeting with business leaders, Ms Glasgow asked that they not only begin using the new postcode but also address mail to the standard stated in the Postal Regulations. Currently, a good deal of the Brac’s local mail is not being addressed to the proper standard, and many residents feel that since the Brac is a small community that postal staff should deliver the mail, regardless of how it is addressed.

Over the past year CIPS has begun enforcing various postal regulation and policies on the Sister Islands. Recent efforts have focused on improperly addressed mail and the unauthorised re-direction, therefore CIPS has been returning such items. To assist Brac businesses with updating their address databases, the Postal Service devised a form that was distributed to the 411 post office boxes on the Brac and to residents who attended the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday night. The form requests a name, post office box number or general delivery, postal facility, postcode, and permission to give billing information to the various businesses on the Brac. CIPS will collate the data and then pass it on to the relevant businesses.

Postmaster General Glasgow explained that every island has its particular problems meeting the Postal Service’s addressing standard. "On Grand Cayman we see quite a lot of mail that has a street address on it without a post office box. This is undeliverable. On the Brac we have mail that gives a name and a district or the island. This is also undeliverable. Postal regulations set the proper method of address and for good reason. The Postal Service is an agent of delivery. It is the responsibility of the Sender to instruct the Post Service, through a proper address, where to deliver the mail. Postal regulations state that all mail has to have a name and a post office box or ‘general delivery’ in the address. It is not the job of postal staff to decide the delivery address," she said.

"I am pleased that we were able to come up with a solution for Brac companies that send out large volumes of mail each month. By assisting them, it will reduce the amount of mail we have to return as undeliverable," she said.

Brac Power and Light representative Andre Scott congratulated the Postal Service for being responsive to the needs of Brac businesses and for taking the time to meet business leaders on the island.

"Ms Glasgow and her team displayed forward thinking. Meeting with us made us feel that she appreciated our business. I also think that the postcode campaign is well organised and easy to understand," Mr Scott said.