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Supervisor Stephanie Ebanks (centre left) label postcards for the General Post Office postbox renters to be sent to family and friends overseas.

Published 15th August 2006, 10:38am

Want to keep family, friends and business colleagues in the loop about the new postcode? The Cayman Islands Postal Service (CIPS) wants to help!

Over the next three weeks the CIPS will provide postbox renters with two postcards, an Addressing Guide brochure and a personalised refrigerator magnet.

This Thursday, 17 August, postbox renters will being receiving two postcards showing their correct return address including the new postcode. The return address shows the proper way to address mail coming to the Cayman Islands. Customers will be responsible for purchasing the postage necessary to mail the cards.

The brochure, which depicts examples of how to address mail including General Delivery and Express Mail, will be distributed in post office boxes on Thursday, 24 August. The Addressing Guide will also be available in all post offices this Friday, 18 August. A more extensive version of the Addressing Guide is available on CIPS's website

The personalised refrigerator magnets will again show all postbox renters their new postcodes and the proper way their mail should be addressed. They will be placed in customersí boxes on Thursday, 31 August.

CIPS is also providing cards for General Delivery customers and for residents who receive mail at their companyís post office boxes. The wallet-sized cards will be available in all post offices this Friday.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow encourages residents of the three islands to begin using their postcodes as soon as possible. "We are trying to help residents learn to use their postcode and begin addressing their mail in the proper fashion."

"While this has been a mammoth task for our staff, we are committed to giving residents every tool at our disposal to help them remember their postcode and to re-educate them on how to properly address mail within and coming to the Cayman Islands." she said.

Ms Glasgow reiterated that while the postcode will be phased in gradually, the sooner the public adopts its use the better and more effective mail delivery will be.

She thanked the many people who have called and logged onto the website. "We value the publicís interest in the new postcode. We donít want anyone to be overwhelmed by it; that is why we have an 18-month to two-year timeframe in mind" she said.