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Cable  and Wireless’ Kennedy McGowan works with Postal Service staff member Ms Avril  Ebanks.

Published 7th December 2006, 3:35pm

The post offices in the eastern districts are connected - that is, customers can pay their Cable and Wireless phone bills and E-top-Up their mobile phones at the post office.

The service started in September with East End and North Side coming on line. A week later, Bodden Town and Savannah were up and running.

And so far the eastern district customers really appreciate these new services, says Bodden Town district manager Marsha Dixon. "Customers are really taking advantage of this service; it is especially helpful to someone who doesnít want to make the journey into George Town just to pay their phone bill."

West Bay and Hell Post Office customers can already E-top-Up their mobile phones and it is hoped that by the end of November Seven Mile Beach, Airport and General Post Offices along with most of post offices on the Sister Islands will also be offering this service to customers.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said that, "while it has taken some time to get this all together, it has been worth it for both the CIPS and its customers". This initiative shows the Postal Serviceís commitment to the community that it has served so well for many years. These new services also show that we are trying to respond to customerís needs. We are looking forward to a lasting and fruitful partnership with Cable & Wireless and GEL Wholesale with regard to these services.

"The CIPS would like to add more value-added services in 2007, once we are able to have our Point of Sale system operational. We would like to make coming to the post office as convenient as possible for our customers," she said.

The Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, the Hon. Arden McLean, said he was delighted with the partnership between the Postal Service and Cable and Wireless. "This deal is significant to customers and staff, as it gives CIPS a new relevance in the economic, business and social life of the nation. During my tenure as minister, I would like to bring the Post Office back to economic viability," he said.

Ken Guiste, VP Sales & Customer Service, Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd said he was also pleased to be working closely with the Postal Service to provide this enhanced and covenant service to our customers in the eastern districts.

"Cable & Wireless is committed to providing the quality service that best meets the needs of our customers while establishing partnerships with the government and private sector."