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CIPS Human Resources Manager Melissa Martinez Ebanks shows Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow how the Postcode Converter works.

Published 22nd September 2006, 2:12pm

The Cayman Islands Postal Service has developed a Postcode Converter, another tool that will help companies update their address databases.

The Postcode Converter, developed by Human Resources Manager Melissa Martinez-Ebanks, will work with any program that will allow data to be imported from an Excel spreadsheet.

In order for the spreadsheet's macro to work properly, the old address must be written in the standard address format used by the CIPS prior to the introduction of the postcode. Additionally, the term "P. O. Box" has to have a full stop and a space after both the "P" and the "O". Omitting either of these will affect the spreadsheet's formula, Ms Martinez-Ebanks explained.

"If your data is not in the required format, a simple Find & Replace search will have to be conducted first," she added.

The software will be provided to any company who attends the business courses being offered on Thursday, 21 September, Tuesday, 26 September, Thursday, 28 September, and Tuesday, 2 October. Others can call the Postal Service at 949-2494 or e-mail to request it.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow thanked Ms. Martinez-Ebanks for developing it. She said Ms. Martinez-Ebanks' work was an example of how committed the Postal Service is to assisting with the adoption of the postcodes in the Islands. "We hope that companies - or anyone who needs the converter - will request it. It is free of charge."