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General Information:

Every piece of mail passing through the Postal Service for the Government Administration Building MUST HAVE:

  1. 3-digit Box # -- corresponds to the assigned mail box number.
  2. Unique postcode –  KY1-9000

By design, unique postcodes do not require P. O. Box numbers.  As such, the “P. O.” reference has been dropped for the building and only “Box” used.

Please ensure your official stationary, return addresses, business cards and electronic signature cards also reflect the key postal information.

Address Block Standard:

Line 1:         Addressee’s Name &/or Position 1
Line 2:         Entity Name 1
Line 3:         Govt. Admin Bldg.  Box (3-digit number) 2
Line 4:         Street Address - 133 Elgin Avenue
Line 5:         Island & Unique Postcode - Grand Cayman  KY1-9000 2
Line 6:         Country (CAPS) - CAYMAN ISLANDS 2

1. The information in these upper lines of the Address Block is at the Sender’s discretion and is flexible, as are the number of lines needed for this information.
2. The placement of this information in the Address Block is fixed for postal operational purposes.  Use of “CAYMAN ISLANDS” is not necessary for domestic mail, but required for foreign mail.

Actual Example:

Assigned Boxes (as of 24 Jun 2019)

BoxGovernment Entity
101 Governor's Office
102Premier's Office
103Deputy Governor's Office
104Attorney General's Office & Portfolio of Legal Affairs
105Cabinet Office
106Ministry of Finance & Economic Development
107Ministry of Commerce, Planning & Infrastructure
108Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands
109Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport
110Ministry of Community Affairs
111 Ministry of Human Resources & Immigration
112Computer Services
113Planning Department
114Public Service Pensions Board
115Education Services Department
116Financial Reporting Authority
117Portfolio of the Civil Service
118Hazard Management Cayman Islands
119Government Information Services
120Lands & Survey Department
121Internal Audit
122Electricity Regulation Authority
123General Registry
124Maritime Authority Cayman Islands
125Treasury Department
126Ministry of Financial Services
127Economics and Statistics Office
128Education Standards and Assessment Unit
129Petroleum Inspectorate
130Facilities Management
131Public Finance
132Health Regulatory Authority
133Auditors Oversight Authority
134Dept. of Tourism
135Dept.for International Tax Cooperation
136Solicitor General's Office & legislative Drafting Department
137Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing
138Ministry of International Trade, Investment, Aviation & Maritime Affairs